Project for the nature - Save Our Rivers


Let's plant, set up a rainwater reservoir, protect the river basins, leave no (waste) traces behind, compost, talk to others about the global problem, listen, RESPECT NATURE!


In the 2019 season, we presented our project FOR NATURE for the first time, and now we have the third season of a successfully set idea.

If you don't know our project yet ... we are an organization that does its work in nature, so we must not forget about our daily intervention in the environment. It is up to us and all of you to take responsibility from day to day for not harming nature and preserving its authenticity.


We believe in - a better tomorrow - so every year, we invite one of the foreign non-profit organizations (NGOs) whose mission is to protect the environment.

It is very important for us to spread nature conservation impulses among people, especially among the younger generations (the world stands on youth), so we include one of the local primary schools in the project, join one of the art classes and create art with children. nature-themed products.


This year's contributors are the NGO Save Our Rivers, who believe that everyone, no matter where we live, have a voice that decides the future of our landscape parks and wild rivers, and are fighting for:

- the existence of the United Kingdom-UK rivers,

- combating damming and destruction of rivers,

- natural conservation,

- good in the future of our national parks and wild rivers.


The Gornji Grad Primary School also participated in the project, with a selected drawing by Sara Tevš.


We supported the idea of ​​the SOR organization and took it to the world, used their logo, combined it with our logo and with a drawing of a student, and so our organic T-shirts were created.


Thank you all for your willingness and help!

Thank you to everyone who has already supported our idea in previous seasons by buying a T-shirt and thank you to all those who will.

With each T-shirt sold, you donate € 5.00 to the Save Our Rivers organization to support the work they do.