Balkan River Defence



Our pure vision is taking place in a beautiful Upper Savinja Valley.

We, as an outdoor organisation are fully aware of our existence in nature and therefore it is our responsibility to try and take care of it. The passionate idea that keeps us going is the effort to keep our environment authentic, clean and leave a good impact on it. We believe in a better future, which is why, each year, we chose one of NGOs with which we then cooperate to show them our support and trust in the work they do. Each year we also choose ne narrative art work, which is the most environmentally oriented, made by children from our local schools.

To express our appreciation, we print the chosen art peace on hempwear T-Shirts.


In season 2019 we cooperate with the NGO named Balkan River Defence, who,

  • defend the remaining free flowing rivers of Europe,
  • expose hydropower as unsustainable energy,
  • provide alternatives through science, education, creative adventure sports.


Thank you all for your cooperation!