Adrenalin Park

The adrenaline park is located in the forest right in the heart of Menina campsite, in coexistence with the nature of the Upper Savinja Valley. Climbing trees is a really fun adventure for children, older than 4 years, but also for a bit ''older children'', all the way to 99 years. Our adrenaline park is divided in two tracks of different difficulty levels. We could say that we have an adrenaline park for children as well as for the adults.

The yellow track is suitable for children between 4 and 10 years old (with a stretched arm reaching 150 centimetres of height). The adventure consists of 5 posts. Meanwhile, the orange track is suitable for ''bigger kids'', older than 10 years and can reach to 170 centimetres of height with a stretched arm. It consists of 10 posts and a zip-line over the lake.

Therefore, if you want a one-day trip across Slovenia/ Savinja Valley, a children, family, or a couple's trip, then the Camping Menina's adrenaline park is a wonderful choice for you. Come and give your skills a try at climbing, an obstacle course through the adrenaline park and at the end, leaping across the campsite on a zip-line!

Moreover, your child can have a birthday celebration at the adrenaline park as well – an unforgettable and active party!


While climbing, children under 15 years old, must be accompanied by an adult. 

Duration: to 1 hour
Location: Menina campsite
Equipment: sports wear
Age: 4-99 years



             18,00 € (ORANGE COURSE)

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