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Starting from 25,00€ / person

Location Golte / Lepenatka / Smrekovec / by arrangement

Equipment: waterproof and warm sports clothing and footwear suitable for winter, snowshoes available on request

Age: 10+

Duration: 4 h

General Terms and Conditions

Snowshoes have been known in Slovenia since the time of Valvasor, who was the first to define them in Slovenia, but they have been somewhat forgotten with the advent of different types of skis.

Together with us, you can help preserve an “old” tradition by simply slipping the snowshoes on your hiking boots, tightening them, grabbing your hiking poles and you’re ready for a day trip in winter.

When you try snowshoeing for the first time, winter will be just calling for active weekends, as hikes in the snow idyll will no longer be accompanied by slipping and sliding, but by a good and sure stride on top of the snow crust or ice.

A great activity for:


TEAM BUILDING: joint activities build team spirit

* Are you interested in a winter tour to the high mountains but don’t know where or where to go, or do you just need a group leader?

Contact us with your preferred destinations and the number of people and we will arrange the most suitable and safe expedition to the mountains with all the necessary equipment.


Very fun to do some kayaking here. The guide was friendly, gave clear instructions beforehand and was ready to help out when I fell into the water.

D. H.

Super nice adventure & camping area, the kids had a blast and staff very friendly


I just wanted to say thank you. The kayaking was great!
The organisation was professional and the two guides went the extra mile.
Dean was fantastic with my son as he took him 100% safely down the river, had time to take photos and get others out of the water who were covered in water.
I forget the other tour guide’s name, but he was out of his boat every minute taking photos, helping everyone, spinning a thousand miles.
So, we had a great time, we’ll be back.

László Dr. Bohus

Super izkušnja! Bogata ponudba vodnih aktivnosti, plezanje po adrenalinskem parku,… Vsekakor priporočam.

Žiga Pečnik

Hvala za individualne ure smučanja. Učitelj se je prilagodil našemu urniku in sina navdušil s svojo sproščenostjo in dobro energijo.

Helena Pecoler

Preživeli smo čudovit vikend. Mrzla voda in veliko sence sta bila prava osvežitev v vročinskem valu. Veliko možnosti za aktivno preživljanje prostega časa in prijazni do psov.

Pix -Ksenija Pisljar

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