Potočka zijalka in Olševa - NOVO!

Group: min 4 people

Duration: 7h (2h drive, 4h hike and cave, 1h+)

Start at 9.00 from the camp


Price: 40€ / person

One day trip


We drive to Solčava and then continue up to Podolševa. From there we start our hike to Potočka zijalka, which is an ancient archaeological site from the stone age. Scientists found remnants of humans living there in the stone age. They also found bones of many stone age animals that are now extinct, such as the cave bear. It takes approximately 1h to reach the cave. We then make a longer stay there to explore the cave.

After that we make a group decision whether we continue to the top of Olševa or turn back. Depends on physical fitness of the group and the available time we have. We return to the car.

We drive back to the camp via a panoramic road through Podolševa, where we get a great view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.


We return at the campsite at cca. 16.00.