Ski school for adults

Location: Golte ski resort / by arrangement
Equipment: complete own ski equipment, possible to rent equipment
Age: 14 - 99 years
Duration: 2 / 4 / 6 hours


2 h / 70.00 € / child

3 h / 130.00 € / child

6 h / 180.00 € / child


2 h / 85.00 € / child

3 h / 140.00 € / child

6 h / 190.00 € / child

Improve your skiing skills or learn the basics if you are a beginner and confidently go to the ski resort with us.

Our licensed teachers will be on the ski slope with you all the time, accompanying you, teaching and encouraging you to overcome the fear of falling and master the skiing technique necessary for safe, correct and enjoyable skiing. Learning will be tailored to the needs of a group of “students”.

Funpark Menina Ski School with a team of licensed teachers warmly invites everyone to join us, regardless of age or previous knowledge of skiing.

The masters of parallel skiing, who are looking for just a few more "freestyle" tricks with their friends, are also welcome. In order for the learning hours to be of the highest quality and focused on the individual and the whole group, learning will take place in groups of max. 4 "students".