Ski school for kids

Location: Golte ski resort / by arrangement
Age: 3 - 14 years


Complete own ski equipment, possible to rent equipment.

Equipment rental price list

PRICE (Private lessons)

Private hour (50 min) - 34,00/person

Extra person - 14,00 €

DISCOUNTS (Private lessons)

at least 5h - 5% ... 32,30 €

Extra person - 13,30 €

at least 10h - 10% ... 30,60 €

Extra person - 12,60 €


PRICE LIST (Private lessons)

1h / 32,00 €

4h / 120,00 €

6h / 175,00 €

8h / 230,00 €

10h / 290,00 €

12h / 350,00 €

14h / 405,00 €


COURSES (at least 4 persons in a group)

Weekly (5x2h) - 115,00 €

Weekly (5x3h) - 135,00 €

Weekly (5x4h) - 155,00 €

Quick (2x5h) - 115,00 €


Prices include 22% VAT

Your little ones love snow and to play in it? Enrol them in Funpark Menina Ski School. Future skiers will not only master the basic techniques on skis but will also enjoy real fun and the company of smiling faces.

Our licensed teachers will be with your toddlers, from the age of 3, all the time. They will monitor their every step on the skis and ensure a safe environment on the ski slope. We will be happy to listen to the wishes of the children and their parents, so that the satisfaction will be versatile, and the situation and learning will be adapted to the capabilities of the entire group of young skiers.

Our priority is the safety of children, so they will receive our full attention. We will help them forget about the fear of falling and become confident on skis.

Individually or in groups of max. 4 skiers, toddlers will learn the basics of skiing with fun tasks and games on the ski slope.  

We offer individual lessons for children with special needs. The price of the watch is 35 euros.

Elementary and middle schools can hire an instructor for sports day programs and outdoor activites. Each group contains 12 students.

All additional options are possible by agreement with the head of the ski school.

An individual lesson lasts 50 minutes!

All students over the age of 6 need an appropriate ski pass to use the lifts.

The ski pass is not included in the price of the ski school!

We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

All services are paid in advance.