Activity duration: 2.5 hours

+ transportation and preparations: 4 hours

Price: 45 EUR/person.

Group: 4 - 8 persons

Also suitable for families

Equipment is provided by Camp Menina

Time: 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m

Aquatrek - when canyoning and hiking combine


Have you heard of Aquatreking? Very popular sport in America and abroad is gaining more and more enthusiasts in our country as well. It is a combination of two different disciplines, canyoning and hiking and it is suitable for both families and adrenaline enthusiasts, depending on the level of difficulty you choose. The purpose of Aquatrekking is to get from point A to B along a predetermined river route that has many obstacles to overcome to reach the destination. Aquatrekking thus includes walking on water, swimming, sliding on rocks, jumping into water, climbing on water bodies and many other skills.

Aquatrekking with Camp Menina on the Savinja River

With a licensed instructor, we take you to the starting point in front of Luče, which represents the most challenging part of the Savinja river for kayakers. Then we start the journey in the river all the way to the end of place Struge, where Savinja calms down and becomes slower and the activity ends. The route is flexible, also suitable for families.