Rock climbing


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2 persons


3 persons


4 persons


5 persons


6 persons (or more)


We offer sport climbing on rock in three different locations, that involve different difficulties of climbs. The trip lasts for around 4-5 hours and out of that, 2 hours are intended purely for active climbing. The schedule can be adjusted to the requests of the group. We provide all the gear that you need; if you have your own, that is fine as well. The guides will explain everything that you need to know to climb the routes safely and correctly. They will set up top rope belaying for everyone, so you do not need to worry about lead climbing if you do not want to. It is recommended that you are dressed in sport wear, that allows you to move freely and have with you some water and snacks.


VRANSKO (difficulty 2/5) (grades form 4a – 6a)

Is the best climbing location for beginner climbers as it includes easy routes ideal to start learning the proper climbing technique and movement. It is 45-minute drive from the campsite and then 1 minute walk to the wall, so no sweating on the approach. The wall is facing to the south, so it is best to climb there in the early hours of the morning preferably before 12.00.


ČRETA (difficulty 3/5) (grades from 4c - 8c)

Is a big climbing area with a lot of routes. They are a bit harder in general compared to Vransko, but there are some easy routes as well in the lower sectors. The area is appropriate for climbers who already have some climbing experience and knowledge of safe belaying. From the camp it is a 30-minute drive to the parking spot and then about a 20-minute walk to the wall.


LOGARSKA DOLINA (difficulty 3/5) (grades from 4a+ - 7c)

This is a small climbing wall in Logarska dolina with six easier routes appropriate for beginners and the reast are harder routes for intermediate and advanced climbers. It is a 45-minute drive from the camp and 2 min walk to the wall.