Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions for traveling are an integral part of the contract or referrals / vouchers by Funpark Menina (Kamp Menina d.o.o. - hereinafter referred to as Funpark Menina) and the Client.

The General Terms and Conditions only apply to the services organized by Funpark Menina, unless it is expressly stated that they also apply to the sale of arrangements by other organizers.

If otherwise specified in the specific terms of business or individual program regarding any point of these General Terms and Conditions, the statement or provision specified in the program.

In the case of telephone sales or internet sales, it is considered that the traveler has accepted the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions when ordering and confirming the implementation of Funpark Menina services by telephone or via e-mail. The terms and conditions of the contracting authority may be found on the website, where they are specially marked and generally accessible.

Client is any person who has made a valid reservation or made a purchase and payment for the services of Kamp Menina d.o.o. and are referred to in these General Terms and Conditions for Tourist Arrangements.



The client has the right to cancel the service provided by the person or branch where he has ordered the services. In the event that the Customer terminates the Services, Funpark Menina shall be entitled to reimbursement for the cancellation of the Services. The amount of the reimbursement depends on the time the contracting authority has submitted the cancellation, which must be made in writing. If the passenger cancels the services, he is obliged to reimburse Funpark Menina for an administrative fee of € 10.00 per person. The amount of reimbursement of the cancellation costs depends on the time before the day of commencement of the service, in which the client submitted the cancellation or otherwise canceled the trip:

• 45 to 30 days before the start of the service - 10% of the price of the arrangement

• 29 to 22 days before the day of starting the service - 20% of the price of the arrangement

• 21 to 15 days before the day of starting the service - 30% of the price of the arrangement

• 14 to 8 days before the start of the service - 50% of the price of the arrangement

• 7 to one business day until 20:00 before the day of starting the service - 80% of the price of the arrangement

Cancellation on departure day or non-participation without cancellation 100% of the price of the arrangement.

Regardless the cancellation costs specified above, they may also be higher when conditioned by the terms and conditions of the trip organization, which are dictated by Funpark Menina by applicable sales terms and conditioned by business partners. If the conditions for reimbursement for cancellation of travel are otherwise specified in the program, the conditions set out in the program shall apply.

Upon cancellation of services, the contracting authority must sign the cancellation document, which the seller offers for signature. If he refuses to sign this document, he shall be deemed not to have canceled the service.

If the Client terminates the Program during the implementation of the Program, it shall not be entitled to reimbursement of the costs or the purchase price, either in whole or in part.

In the event of a change of program on your own request, or due to force majeure, without there being any reason on the part of Funpark Menin for improperly rendered service, the passenger has no right to claim any compensation or reduction of the price.



Funpark Menina reserves the right, in accordance with applicable law, to terminate or modify the provision of services.

Funpark Menina reserves the right to terminate the contract, in whole or in part, if, before or during the implementation of the Program, exceptional circumstances arise that could not have been expected, removed or avoided, and for Funpark Menina these circumstances constitute a valid reason for not I would conclude if they existed when the contract was concluded.

Funpark Menina may terminate the contract or withdraw from the contract and claim damages from the client who directly violates the provisions of the contract concluded with Funpark Menina, especially if it is determined that the client intentionally communicated incorrect information about the number of passengers or their age, or there were changes during the implementation of the program and the client did not inform Funpark Menine.

Funpark Menina cannot accept responsibility for changes to the program due to the occurrence of any force majeure during the course of the program. In such cases, it may provide passengers with services in a modified form, according to existing options.

In the event that Funpark Menina cancels the service, the Client is entitled to a full refund of the price paid for the service ordered.

Funpark Menina is not responsible for delays of aircraft, ships, trains or buses, as well as program changes that would result from such delays.

In the event that the on-site situation of Funpark Menina does not allow the subscriber to be installed in the ordered facility, Funpark Menina may install the subscriber in the same location in another facility of the same category.



Service billing shall be made on the basis of an existing offer, which has been confirmed by the client. The Contracting Authority is obliged to notify at least 48 hours before the event any change in the number of participants that deviates from the confirmed offer and definitively notify the number of participants.

In the event that a smaller number of participants is present at the event according to the information stated in the confirmed offer, the calculation shall be made in accordance with the confirmed offer, and the client shall not be entitled to reimbursement of costs arising from the difference in the number of actual participants, in case there are more participants. , as agreed in the original offer, however, Funpark Menina may charge additional costs or withdraw from the contract if it cannot provide the appropriate security arising from the nature of the individual activities.