Girls, mountains and a cup of tea

In our blog posts you will find many tips for different activities in nature in all seasons. What to do, where and with whom to go, how to equip yourself and how to take care of everyone's safety. We also offer a full range of GPS tours to take you on our explored nature trails.

So far, we have been mostly technically describing various mountain routes, but this time we will do it more for the soul. Why? - Our girls went on a hike alone. Do not missunderstand us, we do not exclude anyone with the record, but we took the opportunity to express our women's experience as their energy is from Venus.



All of our girls from Camping Menina connected and went on an evening hike to Golte, not with the aim of achieving the highest possible altitude distance, the length of the hike or the marathon pace, but with the intention of relaxing. But that doesn’t mean they forgot about the weather conditions, full equipment and safety.

For most of the tension we feel within ourselves, the best cure to it is movement in nature. Why? We all know how we feel when we breathe fresh air after a long day, listen to the birds singing or the silence, the rustle of the woods and the whistling of the wind. It gets easier for us spiritually. We also know that our body is (too) often overloaded / tense, so the muscles need to be relieved with movement. And it gets easier for us physically.



Connecting with nature means connecting with ourselves, as well as with the people surrounding us. The "problems" seem smaller, the mind is clearer, the body is relaxed and we are satisfied, especially when we reach the set peak. Be it solo or in company.

Our girls were looking forward to the summit mainly because of the expected sunset and therefore the priceless cup of tea with the most beautiful view. Warm homemade tea warms our body and calms us even more, and tea as well can be used to make a toast! Could there be anything more hearth warming? Hiking enthusiasts, you will understand what we are talking about, and all those of you whose backpacks are persistently waiting for you to take them and walk through the door with them, you will definitely come to this realization.



Of course, everyone likes their own way of active movement, but a walk through the forest or by the river, or a hike in the high mountains can be a real meditation and a "recipe" that you prescribe to yourself every day. Heart and body will be grateful to us. How? They show gratitude through health and physical condition.

Golte offers many paths that you can take to do something for yourself spiritually or do your training. The "healthy mind in a healthy body" path of our girls can be found on the Komoot link.



“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”


Greetings, Funpark Menina team!