Terms and conditions water activities

1. Before using the water activities in Funpark Menina every participant must be introduced to these terms of use. With your signature, you confirm to have carefully read these rules and agree with the terms and conditions of using water activities. Participants under 18 years of age must be introduced to these terms by a responsible adult and confirmed with their signature (name, surname and contact information of the responsible adult and participant).

2. The usage of Funpark Menina water activities stands in connection with certain hazards and is therefore at own risk and responsibility of every participant.

3. Funpark Menina water activities are suitable for participants of 7 years and above, who do not have psychophysical problems with water that could cause any kind medical or other risks and issues. Children under 18 years of age may use water activities only in escort of a responsible adult in charge.

4. It is strictly forbidden for participants to bring any objects such as sunglasses, cameras, mobile phones, jewellery, etc. on to the water activity. Any of these objects, could cause harm to the participants, the device and nature.

5. Every participant is obligated to take part in beforehand given theoretical and practical safety instructions that are performed by the organiser/assigned instructor. All of the given instructions are binding and to be followed. In case of violating any of the given instructions, Funpark Menina holds right to demand the participant leaves the water activity.

6. Every participant will be given safety equipment - floating belt, helmet and neoprene suit and that is not to be put down or given to other people during water activity. The equipment must be used according to directions given by the instructor and returned after usage. Equipment rental is confirmed with signature.

7. Smoking is not allowed during the use of equipment and activity.

8. It is strictly forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the activity.