Due to the pandemic situation we guarantee you the health of our park employees and availability of protections – latex gloves, medical face masks and FFP2/FFP3 respirators.
We guarantee you the availability of liquid sanitizers to clean sufaces and also for you, as public to use in several locations in the park.



Bleach or 1% active chlorine based solutions, solvents, 75% alcohol (ethanol), Peracetic acid and chloroform.
Hereinafter; O – obligatory, R – recommended


O    The distance between the clients is 2 m both; on the ground and at the height on the individual elements.
R    Wearing a mask is recommended if a distance greater than 1 m cannot be ensured.
O    Hand sanitizer available before and after using the adrenaline park.
O    When buying tickets at the reception, customers wear masks, a disinfectant is available.
R    A digital ticket is recommended.
O    Training of staff, instructors in terms of safety procedures.
O    Client equipment must be disinfected, after use it is stacked by clients, which is then taken by staff for disinfection and drying.
R    Clients are advised to wear gloves during park activities.
O    The total number of clients at a time on the elements of the adrenaline park must be reduced by the organizer in terms of ensuring minimum distances between clients.
R    Payment transactions should be made with cards or prepayments.
O    The staff has a mask with them, which they use in case of helping the client.


O    At the pre-tour meeting, clients are informed about the safety procedures before, during and after the tour.
O    On the transfer to the entry into the water and the transfer back to the starting point, the clients and the organizer adhere to the regulations on transfers.
O    Clients in a van, if only the one is full, are wearing masks.
O    All borrowed equipment must be washed and disinfected.
O    Up to 50% of the other number of customers are accommodated in the raft and the safety distance in the boat is ensured.
R    Payment transactions should be made with cards or prepayments.


O    Packages prepared for tours must also contain information on safety standard procedures before, during and after the tour.
R    All information should be in digital form.
O    At the introductory meeting before the tour, the organizer informs the clients orally about the procedures. At the meeting, watch the distance of 2m and wear masks that clients provide for themselves.
O    Guided tours: the guide guides the maximum number of hikers within the permitted numbers, taking into account standard measures. During the rest period, the distance between the clients should be appropriate and let them put on masks.
O    For larger groups of hikers, there must be more guides according to the regulations, and there should be a greater distance between individual groups. The necessary spacing shall be provided at rest points.
O    In accommodation, hikers must follow the accommodation protocols.
O    Any lunch package for the trip accommodation is wrapped in airtight foil.
O    Equipment borrowed by the customer must be washed and disinfected.
O    When returning the borrowed equipment, the clients only put it in one pile, which the organizer takes away for cleaning (washing, disinfection).
R    Payment transactions should be made with cards or prepayments.