What are snowshoes?

The first snow has fallen ...


Snow is one of the most beautiful gifts of winter as it is so clean, white, light and fluffy. Even if adults sometimes get headaches when it comes to traveling with a car, our youngest ones always rejoice. And it is their joy that awakens the child in the world of adults as well. Despite the fact that the winter days are shorter, due to the snow they become so much brighter, and our days are flooded with adventures such as sledding, skiing, creating snowmen, dunking, or simply rolling on soft white carpets.



What about snowshoes, you know about them?


Many people love mountaineering, dedicated to it in the spring, summer and autumn. In winter, however, they may give up on it due to lack of equipment. However, for your easier hiking without slipping or poor grip on the snow, snowshoes are the best choice for you, so it is necessary to justify the hike even in winter.

Snowshoes have been known in Slovenia since the time of Valvasor, which were first defined in Slovenia, but we have forgotten about them with the advent of different types of skis. You simply put your snowshoes on your hiking boots, tighten them, grab the hiking poles and you are ready for an idyllic winter walk. Of course, don’t forget warm and waterproof hiking clothing and gaiters, winter gloves, a hat and glasses to protect your eyes from white light and sun.

In the current situation, a vacation in the winter idyll is most appropriate on your own. Nature offers many activities in all conditions, but to make it easier to roam the snow, get your own snowshoes, which are now easily accessible and with them you can preserve the historical tradition.





When the current situation improves a bit, we are happy to invite you to a fun and active SNOWSHOEING with us. We will go on a hike through Golte, Smrekovec or Lepenatka. We also offer you the option of RENTING OUR SNOWSHOES, where you conquer the peaks yourself.
The activity is suitable for everyone, for young and old, for family and friends.


Hoping to see you again soon we send you a playful winter greeting!

Funpark team