New zip line

Our Funpark Menina blogs are mostly based on providing accurate information on a chosen, recreation-related topic. This time, however, we will only inform you with photos, as words are superfluous in this case.


What we can tell you is, that in our Camp Menina we have a completely new adrenaline park.

The park is located by the lake and is based on a zipline, just like the old park, except that the new one consists of 8 tasks, of which there are 7 ziplines and 1 skill task.


Ps. You all know our summer urban sports camp with the Flow Ramps team? We could say that urban sports will now also be performed high among the trees.

What’s more, you’ll find out when you visit us again and try out an exceptional novelty for yourself!


We would also like to thank the company Flying Rhino, who built us a real adventure. Thank you!



Enjoy spring and see you soon again!

Funpark Menina team!